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The Lens of TRUST

Do you SEE the Fish?

I have been enjoying  reading the book, Speed of Trust by Stephen Covey.

In this book there is a short illustrative story that helps to bring a person to an awareness.

“Tell me what you see.” Basically I told him I saw a beautiful river with the sun reflecting off the surface of the water. He asked, “Do you see any fish?” I replied that I did not. Then my guide handed me a pair of polarized sunglasses. “Put these on,” he said. Suddenly everything looked dramatically different. As I looked at the river, I discovered I could see through the water. And I could see fish— a lot of fish! My excitement shot up. Suddenly I could sense enormous possibility that I hadn’t seen before. In reality, those fish were there all along, but until I put on the glasses, they were hidden from my view.

Covey, Stephen M.R.; Merrill, Rebecca R. (2006-10-17). The SPEED of Trust: The One Thing that Changes Everything (pp. 19-20). Free Press. Kindle Edition.

The idea that trust has its relationship to profitability and efficiency may be a bit foreign to certain cultures and businesses.   I find this book particularly intriguing because the work that we are presently doing as a consulting firm have everything to do with the development of cultures of trust.

When you really consider the impact of trust has not only on a personal level but on a professional level it becomes obvious this is a great starting place.     After many years of partitioning as a business consultant utilizing the very finest and best practices available we have come to a swift conclusion that short of having trust as the core ingredient it becomes virtually impossible to make any measurable improvement.

One of our foundational tools that we used to help businesses is called,  Trust Inside Assessment™.   what this measures is the actual trust that exists in the present culture for the purposes of discovery.   It is intriguing to find the results of these reports and critical to begin a process of increasing the trust so that an organization can flow.   All too often we hear leaders saying things like,  “There is a lack of communication”  or  “We have a cash flow problem”  and what they’re looking for really is a Band-Aid solution for a deeper issue.   During the discovery phase of the work that we do we often find that there has been some level of betrayal,  feelings that have been hurt,  or simply people who are just not trustworthy.   It is critical to dig down and get to the root issues.   when we get to the root issues we discover the real reasons why there’s a communication problem and often related to cash issues.

So to all those who read our blog I would encourage you to consider how trust and character effects your life.

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Peaceful Adventure

Just a great experience, a video of what one man did to demonstrate his Love for God, and how his obedience impacts the community.